What Is Alibaba?

As an Alibaba.com seller, you’re getting more than a storefront in a global marketplace. You’re getting an end-to-end wholesale service platform calibrated to help you grow your business, and help you provide services to your buyers. Here’s how to get up and running so you can start making sales.  We play major role in the Management of your Seller Profile to make sure it meets the expectations and meanwhile Our Partners can focus on the Offline Business and sit back to enjoy the results…!!


As a new seller, you may have multiple types of selling packages/plans to choose from, depending on the country your business is in. Follow a few easy steps to register for an Alibaba.com seller account and get your Business Verification process done to build trust between you and your potential buyers. You can also choose to have a dedicated account manager who will help you through the process

Business Verification

Business Verification is a critical component of Alibaba.com seller membership as it establishes the validity of your company’s status and authorized contact person. Business Verification helps buyers trust you and want to do business with you compared to seller accounts that did not go through a business verification.

Product Posting

It’s important to add all of the products in your catalog to your store. Having more products in your store increases your chances of showing up in buyers’ search results. This means you’ll potentially get more exposure and secure more customers as a result.

Product Showcase & Storefront

We create a digital identity that helps you brand your business and showcase your capabilities

no design or coding required. One gets a multi-page store dedicated entirely to your business,

where we create a unique digital identity to help your brand stand out and showcase your goods.

Reply to Inquiries

After listing your products, you will begin receiving inquiries from potential buyers. As a true B2B platform, Alibaba.com lets you own the relationship with your customers – messaging back and forth and negotiating prices.

Protect Orders and Payments

Ensure a positive end-to-end experience for your buyers with Trade Assurance, Alibaba.com’s order protection and secure payments service. This service makes it easier for buyers to trust working with sellers around the world who they may never meet in person – which makes it easier for you to close the sale. This also helps you streamline your process with all messages, orders, and payment in one place.

Keywords Management

We Take advantage of a suite of advertising tools to help you focus on your audience and increase exposure to the most interested buyers. We work on the Keywords

Sales Optimization

We Take charge of your sales by analyzing your dashboards of in-depth data to review and optimize for exposure, click volume, spend, average click cost, user growth, store visits, inquiries, orders, and more. The system will also suggest improvements based on trends within your account and the user base.

Sub Accounts

► Keywords Trend

► Product Advisor

► KWA Ads Spend

► Onboarding Service (Minisite design & Product Posting

Alibaba Account Monthly Diagnosis

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