Seller Account Registration on Tata Cliq

We take great care of this vital phase, which is one of the first ones in our Tata Cliq seller services. We will represent your brand/Account to the ecommerce Marketplaces and manage account setup procedures on your behalf. All you must do is provide us with a few details, and we will take your company to the portal you desire. For seller registration, we will help you fill in the registration form with the required details and ensure you do not violate any regulations when doing so.

Listing On Tata Cliq

To get the right visibility online, you need more than just basic profiling and listing of your products. From the image Specification to carefully crafted product descriptions & every small piece of details affects the success of your product. As part of our marketplace onboarding services, we will help you list all your products in the most accurate category.


Listing creation on Tata Cliq:

We will choose the right Category (Browse Node), construct product titles, bullet points, descriptions, and keywords. You need to submit product information in Excel format, including MRP, Sale price, Images, Quantity, Product Dimension, Product Weight, and other required information. We create advance descriptions that showcase your product’s best qualities and provide customers with the information they need to make a purchasing decision.

Inventory Management

Seller must need to focus on top selling and recurring items to reduce overheads. Losing track of your inventory can bring down your product sales significantly. However, our team will help you stay in control of your entire product inventory and keep it updated on your store. We track on your Inventory page and let you know if any item becomes out of stock status, so that you can take immediate action and avoid negative customer reviews.

Price Management

What pricing plan works best for an online business? How do you determine your prices? Your prices—do they seem exorbitant or low? Does your product portfolio produce the expected level of profit? You may immediately influence the demand for your products through e-commerce price control. Ideal pricing is what matters most in sales. By closely monitoring competition prices, we assist you in determining the appropriate pricing for your product.

Order Management

Processing orders is one of the most important parts of any business. At our end, we ensure that all orders are processed by client’s team in a timely manner which results in higher seller ratings and happy customers.  We take care of  inventory management, product pricing and availability, customer service support and order reports etc.

Return & Claim Management

Return management is an essential part of any business that deals with selling products or services to customers. It involves the process of handling customer returns, refunds, exchanges, and claims. We will help you in return management and will help in filing claim for wrong return items to avoid loss.

Marketplace Promotion

Our dedicated team is well versed with the promotional tools to get you best promotional opportunities / deals and reach out to maximum possible customers. We construct the right time as well as right keywords to grab the maximum sale. We need to keep on Updating the Best Trending Keywords and then we need to keep them Optimizing According to the Market Competition which is not a one-time Work.

Payment & Reports

With great orders come great responsibilities! Our team prepares compete reconciliations with accuracy, so you are on top of your numbers at every stage of your online business. At the end of the month, we share the monthly sales report for all expenses occurred during month.

Compliance Management

Compliance Management is a vital part in Tata Cliq. Which includes overall health of Seller Account. When you’re listing a new product, it can also come up following changes to any regulatory requirements, a consumer complaint, or an internal Tata Cliq audit. our team will assist you in maintaining optimal account health as it impacts on seller account & overall growth of seller. We will help you in Policy Compliance, voice Of Customer, Step Performance, Overall Account Health, custom reports & Many more.

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