Registering & Product Listing Management

Creating a seller account on Walmart might be found easy but expertise is required when you have to go deep to manage the account and start with the listing process on Walmart. It works to create and upload product catalogues and carry out product listing optimization that translate to higher visibility, sales and revenues.

  • We create the product catalog with the accurate titles, use of keywords and images for each product followed by uploading the catalog to your storefront on Walmart.
  • Our team make sures the content about the product and description should be as good as describing the product as how it should be on online marketplaces.

Order Management

We keep a watch on your Walmart seller center account dashboard and notify you of orders received, while acknowledging such orders, even as we help you decide on the best fulfillment method through carriers designated by Walmart or by using Walmart fulfillment services. We Keep track of in-process orders and post updates on the seller center dashboard. We notify when shipments have been made and update the order status and update inventory. Our role is involved in Keeping track of deliveries and as well as keeping track of payments, returns if any, and refunds and update inventory and orders.

Listing Optimization

Walmart grants an overall listing quality score determined on how intending buyers perceive your product listing, ease of discoverability in searches, content quality, pricing, shipping, buyer reviews, and actions sellers take in response to buyer queries and orders. Walmart’s algorithm is complex with granular attention to detail according to the product type and demand drivers. We stay on top and delve deep into specifics to ensure that each of your listed product attains a high listing quality score.


Walmarts search insight facility gives detailed insight into each item’s performance and conversion. Sellers get insights on where listings show up in searches, performance in terms of impressions, clicks, add to cart and orders, top queries for each item and possible actions sellers can take to improve performance. We leverage this powerful tool to modify and update product description, contents and categorization as well as use of keywords and listing quality score insights leading to all round improved performance with higher views, more clicks and more buy box wins.

Assortment Growth

Walmart has automated tracking algorithms for products listed on its marketplace and it provides opportunities to expand listings through the assortment growth under the analytics heading under the main growth opportunities heading in the dashboard. The assortment growth option displays brands, items, categories, buy box price and competitive price of items chosen through the filter set. The assortment growth tool permits users to view, filter, set up, download and remove recommendations. Expert use of this vital Walmart tool helps to streamline and fine tune listings for maximum benefits to sellers, something in which we specialize and assure results

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