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We are E Commerce Consultant company located in Ahmedabad. We provide training for managing different marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart & Meesho. This is Training program who train individuals for online Platforms. ATES, as professional consultants, helps sellers to launch, maintain and grow their business on Amazon.

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Post course completion support for E-commerce marketplaces

Certification post completion of training

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Call us & Pay the fees online to enroll for the upcoming Online/Offline batch for Amazon & Flipkart. Our executive Contact You

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Complete your verification with Channelplay registration and update your bank account with Amazon

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After payment, you will receive access to our online portal. You can also start watching recordings of previous batches.


Clear an online examination with multiple-choice questions, and get certified.

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Our counselor will call you to share live training links. In the case of Offline Training, we will share the further details

Salesforce Login

Receive seller management tool from Amazon. Track and manage all your sellers in one place.

Benefits of working as an E-Commerce services Provider

Become An entrepreneur

You are your own boss, work as per your time Earn Money - Every time you launch a new seller or can provide service an existing seller on

Become An entrepreneur

You are your own boss, work as per your time Earn Money - Every time you launch a new seller or can provide service an existing seller on

Expert Training

Get trained by Amazon experts on Amazon.

Expert Training

Get trained by Amazon experts on Amazon.

Get Certified by Njoy

Attend the training, Complete the evaluation and get an E-Commerce specialist certificate.

Get Certified by Njoy

Attend the training, Complete the evaluation and get an E-Commerce specialist certificate.

How to earn after training?

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To help maintain a safe and welcoming environment, we ask that all community members adhere to a few guidelines that are listed below.


For Every new sellers sales of up to 12 Lacs in 3 Months Amazon pays up to 75000. We can say that You will be paid for connecting stores with amazon.


Teach Sellers about Managing their managing Sellers Account and charge them a onetime consultancy fee.


Earn up to 5 Lacs/ Month by servicing 100 sellers by charging them Rs.5000 / Month.


You can manage 1000's of Amazon Sellers Product Delivery, Returns, Sales and charge them a monthly retainer Fee.

Who can take this training?

Working Professionals

Enhance your skills and upgrade your career or work part time/ full time as freelancer

Business Owners

Scale your business, increase profits by selling online all over India and abroad on as professional consultants, helps sellers to launch.

Women Empowerment

To motive Women country-wide, we promote women empowerment programs & give special discounts to the women to take a step towards their dream & Successful career. We are here to give them a platform see themselves as an independent & self employed

College Students

No matter if you've used a visual page builder before, with this you'll be a pro the second you start using it. It's easy with this.


How should I get enrolled into the ATES program?

Register with us through below mention link or visit

Who Can join the ATES program?

Everyone can join the program having basic knowledge of computer and internet.

What is the duration of training?

It is a 16 hours training Course. This is covered in an online live training as well as offline training.

After I complete the training Will Amazon connect me to sellers? Or I need to find them myself?

For seller acquisition: you need to find sellers yourself. For seller services: Amazon may provide you the leads as and when it has any

Do I need to be present at the Seller’s office? Or can I work remotely?

There are some activities for which sellers may need you on-site. Other activities can be done remotely.

What are my work timings?

You can work as a freelancer and there is no such work timings you can decide and work according to your own timings as well as its upto you how many sellers clients you want to work with. To earn more you need to work accordingly and show some dedication.

Am I working for Amazon or the Seller?

Neither. You are a consultant offering your services to businesses on Amazon helps you to get trained and certified so that you can offer high quality services to such businesses.

Can I opt out of the program?

Yes, you need to notify us anytime you want to opt out of the program.

Do I need a GST certificate to work as ATES?

No, you do not need GST details to work as ATES and manage other seller accounts. But your clients require GST to sell on Amazon.

Can I attend ATES training on weekends?

Yes, we have training sessions on Saturdays and Sundays as well. Talk to our counselor for more duration options at 9537 52 55 13.

Is this training conducted by Amazon or Njoy Group

This is direct training by Amazon India. Njoy Solutions is Amazon's e-commerce training partner, training will be conducted by NW E-COMMERCE PRIVATE LIMITED on behalf of Amazon.

What is my payment schedule?

For seller acquisition: you get paid by Amazon at Amazon decided slabs. For seller services: You get paid by seller based on the rate card provided by you

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