The sale of our client was down during the month of October. Despite spending a significant amount of money on ads, they were not able to achieve their desired results. We have started all kind of Campaigns to get visibility as well as Brand awareness campaigns. The campaign’s ACOS (advertising cost of sale) was high due to less sale & higher clicks.



After Reviewing the Account, we have changed ads strategy. We have replaced campaigns with new strategy.

We made the following recommendations to improve the campaign:


After implementing the revised strategy, the number of orders increased significantly by above 40%.

Target a more specific audience: We used purchase history data to target specific keywords and competitor’s Product to grab more traffic on their listings.

Enrolled in AMS & Transparency : We have enrolled in AMS & Transparency & got brand protections which increased customer trust for the brand.

Enrolled in Launchpad Program : We have got enrolled in Amazon Transperancy program & got an extra support from Amazon. It helped to increase visibility & got traffic from Social media too

Adjust the bidding strategy: We adjusted the bidding strategy to be more conservative. This helped to reduce the ACOS and improve the ROI.


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